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Aug - 17
side loader

what is a side loader and how does it helps

SIDE LOADER A forklift that is used for lifting or moving heavy loads or long loads in a narrow aisle space is known as side loader. Side loaders are often preferred by heavy fabrication industries to haul / move long…

Apr - 06

Mobile Gantry Solutions by Combilift

The Combi-MG (Mobile Gantry) allows for increased storage with reduced aisle widths of just 5′ (1.5m) Available in V3800 Kubota Diesel engine and LP Gas option Multi-directional, 6 steering options Overall dimensions can be customised to suit the customer’s application…

Jun - 18

How does Industrial Tugs help

Pedestrian Tugs For The Manufacturing And Assembly Industry We provide electric tug solutions for all companies involved with manufacturing. This sector has the most diverse requirements from moving a small trolley to moving a complete production line. Over the years…

Apr - 06

The 4 Wheel Sideloader by Combilift

Combilift’s 4-wheeled, two directional sideloader, available with 5t and 6t load capacities, was developed for operations that require reliable, robust and fast operation when moving product across extensive sites and offers considerable benefits over other machines on the market. Features…