Storage Solutions

Selective Pallet Racking

  • It is the most popular of economic form of pallet racking system where selectivity is 100%.
  • The vertical height can be utilized effectively up to 11Metres.
  • Pallets of any forms & weight can be stored by choosing correct material.

Drive In Racks

  • Drive in palletised racking system is designed to store large quantity for daily fast moving and bulkhandling nature.
  • This is the most efficient way of space utilization with lowest cost of investment and gain back in return on investment with high density storage.
  • Minimum aisle space is given and time saving with minimum stacker movement.
  • And also the assembling, dismantling and re-locating is done in very short time.

VNA Racks

  • This racking systems is aimed for the new generation warehouses to utilize the vertical height up to 15 mts, special equipments (trucks) operated in very narrow aisles.
  • This is the right choice for good stock rotation and fast picking rates. Better floor area utilization.

First in First Out

  • FIFO racks are very much is vogue in industries particularly in any process industry where importance is given to first produced first issued. This is designed with special tracks with roller fitted on to it.
  • The track are assembled to frames with little inclination enabling the boxes / crates to roll over it by gravity.
  • The FIFO racks can be designed with heavy roller and construction to handle even heavy pallets and components.

Multi Tier Shelving

  • This is best used for storing loose components and secondary item in form of cartons, which can be handled manually. In other words, the components lifted by a man easily and weighing upto 20kg can be stored in this type of racking system.
  • To install two tier racking the ceiling or clear height of the building should be min. 15 feet. Here maximum volume storage can be achieved by designing custom built racks of various length and depth with catwalk provided for man movement.
  • This range of solution is best suited for spare parts sector.

Mezzanine Floor

  • Creating a floor within the warehouse for extra space. The mezzanine floor can be planned to construct office on the top (or) create extra space for stores.
  • The mezzanine floors are made of sheet metal duly formed to take up loads from 500 kg udl per sq. Mtr. Upto 2500 kg udl per sq. Mtr.
  • The construction are all with fasteners and no welding at site is involved. The column of the mezzanine floor can be designed as wide as 15 feet for hindrance free movement below the mezzanine floor.
  • In short the mezzanine floor is offered in prefabricated and prepainted form ready to assemble at site in very short time.

Manual Shelving

  • Suitable for Electronics, Pharma, Garments and spare parts industries the shelves are adjustable to suit the customer requirements and the solution can be more customer specific and versatile

Canti Lever Racks

Cantilever shelving is used in storage of different areas for storage of bulk goods for example:

  • Steel Pipes
  • Aluminium Extrusions
  • Wooden Hard Boards
  • Metal Sheets
  • Steel Bars Long Cylinders
  • And other building materials….