what is a side loader and how does it helps

Aug - 17
side loader

what is a side loader and how does it helps


A forklift that is used for lifting or moving heavy loads or long loads in a narrow aisle space is known as side loader. Side loaders are often preferred by heavy fabrication industries to haul / move long products conveniently.

For example truck chassis, side members, crane booms, earth moving equipment members or parts truck body / tipper body, railway wagons/coaches, railway cargos, and components, plywood, upvc, aluminium profiles / iron pipes.

These equipments can also be planned to transfer huge / long components from one building to other and also for vertical storage inside the:

  1. Warehouse
  2. Trailer or Truck (loading /offloading)
  3. Side loaders are also best suited for assembly of propeller shaft in ship building industry.

You can view the list of side loader available:


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