Four Wheels Electric Forklift (Load: 1.5/2/2.5) Tons

Power TypeBattery
Load Center (mm)500
Rated Capacity1500 Kg2000 Kg2500 Kg
Overall Dimensions(without Fork)(LxWxH (mm))3045x1170x3000 3290xDoxDo  3320xDoxDo

Ac Stepless inverter,save electricity efficiently by 30% without carbon brush, easy maintenance,no noise, no pollution. Can be turned in a 3.3 meter wide aisle for model abf-15/20/25,soft solid tyres on 4 wheels, full hydraulic power steering. Free lift 280mm as standard, max. Fork lifting height between 2 meters and 6 meters, hydraulic power brake,mechanical hand parking brake. Lead-free pu baked enamel painting, triple stage, full free lift mast,-35° cold storage version, side shift, special attachment clamps and explosion protection.shaft type forged forks are available as options.

  • Full AC System
  • Comfortable Operator Space
  • Fast Battery Charge and Long Battery Working Time
  • Lower Energy Consumption and Energy Regeneration Function
  • Easy-to-read operator display
  • Low Gravity

4 – Wheel Electric Forklift (5 Tons)

Power TypeBattery(Hawker)
Electric ControllerZAPI
Rated Load Capacity (kg)400045005000
Load Center (mm)500
Overall Dimensions (without Fork)(LxWxH (mm))2940x1612x2300 

Electric Forklift is more environment-friendly,with less noise and vibrations ,lower operation cost compared with the IC Forklift..However, the electric range is always considered as not so powerful as the IC Forklift.With the help of our innovative technology and world famous components,UN build a new image in your mind for electric forklift,we offer the big capacity electric forklift up to 5000kg.UN electric forklift give you a new experience by lifting your goods with lower cost,quiet operation and powerful energy.

  • Full AC System
  • OPS System
  • Comfortable Operator Space
  • Fast Battery Charge and Long Battery Working Time
  • Lower Energy Consumption and Energy Regeneration Function
  • Easy-to-read operator display
  • Low Gravity
  • Joystick (Option)

4 – Wheel Heavy Duty Diesel Forklift (10 Tons)

Power TypeDiesel
Rated Load Capacity(kg)8000900010000
Load Center(mm)600
Overall Dimensions(without Fork)(LxWxH(mm))4040x2165x25204270x2165x2540

Available with a range of high performance industrial engine,big torque at low speed,make the whole machine quiet, with less vibration and efficient. Ergonomically design,such as the Long operator assisted grips / two level access entry / Non-slip rubber floor mat / adjustable seat / adjustable tilt steering column,all these provide a comfortable and safe working condition for various operator.High efficiency is also delivered through the performance of the axles,the excellent brake system make sure the forklift operate with safety,the steering axle provides prompt and precise feedback to the driver when steering.The wide-view mast provides the operator with a wide visibility,improves the efficiency and guarantees the safety.Pin Type Fork with Fork Positioner is standard in this range to improve the working efficiency.

  • Robust and Reliable Diesel Engine(EUIIIB&EPA Engine for choice)
  • Ergonomically design
  • Wide-view Mast
  • Excellent Cooling System and Heat Releasing System
  • Cyclone Air Clean
  • Pin Type Fork with Fork Positioner
  • Vertical Exhaust
  • Dual Front Wheels
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Lower Gravity
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Multiple Option Available for Choice

Combi CB Series Diesel & LPG Forklift (2.5 to 3.0 Tons)

Power TypeDiesel & LPG
EngineV1505 Kubota Diesel / Toyota4Y Engine LPG
Rated Load Capacity (kg)2500  & 3000
Load Center (mm)600
Overall Dimensions (without Fork)(LxWxH (mm))2615x1500x2670 

The innovative and compact Combi-CB is designed to increase productivity, improve safety and help increase your storage capacity both indoors & outdoors.Suitable for Handling,Guided Aisles, Long Loads, Narrow Aisles, and Palletised Goods. And perfect for the following industries:Aluminium, Building Materials, Logistics, Metals, Plastics, Steel, Timber and Warehousing.

  • Open Cabin
  • Multi-Direction Operation
  • Load Sensing Steering
  • 3 Wheel Hydrostatic Drive
  • +/- 100mm Sideshift
  • 4-way lever positioning of Wheels
  • Available in Green & Grey
  • Suspension Seat Grammer MSG 65

3 Wheel Electric Forklift (1.3 Tons – 2.0 Tons}

Power TypeBattery(Hawker)
Electric ControllerZAPI
Rated Load Capacity(kg)1300160018002000
Dimensions (withoutFork)(LxWxH (mm))1855x10082x2080,1955xDox2080,2075x1140x2080

Compact and ergonomic design,high-performance components,these features make UN’s 3-wheel electric forklift become a reliable and cost-saving machine to your material handling solution.The adjustable steering column and adjustable comfort seat offer individual adjustments for all operators.Reasonable layout of the brake pedal,accelerator pedal and control levers offer a comfortable space for operator.World-class PMP gear box and dual driving motors and separated hydraulic motor make sure the electric power turn into the useful power to the full.

The Energy Regeneration Function extend extra 15% working hours.

  • Full AC System
  • OPS System
  • Comfortable Operator Space
  • Side-way Battery Change System
  • Lower Energy Consumption and Energy Regeneration Function
  • Easy-to-read operator display
  • Front Dual AC Motor Traction System
  • World Class Gear Box System
  • Automatic Maintenance Alarm
  • Joystick (Option)