Tow Truck

4 Wheels Electric Tow truck (Power:16 Tons)ABT-160

  • Power Steering On Front Wheels.
  • Power Drive On Rear Wheels.
  • Very Easy Operate.
  • Very Strong Towing Force, It Can Tow 16 Tons’ Trolley On Normal Floor, It Can Tow 8 Tons’ Trolley Over Ramp.
  • Tow Hook At Rear.
  • Stepless Electric Controller.
  • Microprocessed Charger With Equalizing Function.
  • Hydraulic Foot Brake.
  • Mechanical Hand Parking Brake.
  • Stable Hydraulic Power Steering.
  • Adjustable And Cushion Seat With Seat Belt

Tow Truck (Power:5 Tons, 11000LB)TT-50

  • Manned, self-propelled.
  • Quiet, high-quality, non-polluting.
  • The entire vehicle paint.
  • Safe and durable.
  • Radius of gyration is small, easy to operate.
  • Towing capacity, the ground can drag five tons of the car.
  • Tons of uphill can drag car.
  • Seat is optional, can be installed

Advanced Tow Truck (AC System) AC+EPS Towing Capacity:5000kg 11000LB, ATT-50 + EPS

ISO 9001 Certified
(5 TONS,)
  • Electronic power steering system (EPS System) very easy to drive
  • Advanced ac motor product
  • Without carbon brush, reduce service cost
  • Save electricity efficiently by 30%
  • FRP body cover and battery cover
  • Lead-free PU baked enamel coating
  • Polyoxymethylene steering arm
  • No pollution, quiet, safty, durable and reliable
  • Tow capacity is powerful and could pull 5 tons (11000lb) lorry on normal flat floor
  • It can tow 3 tons lorry over ramp