Power Mover G Series

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The POWERMOVER G-Series is an ultra-compact, high-torque, industrial cart mover. It is the most powerful series in the POWERMOVER range of cart movers and allows a single operator to safely and easily maneuver wheeled loads up to 110,000lbs (50 tons).

The POWERMOVER G-Series’ ultra-compact size and unique hitching options allow this unit to “cam” under a hitch point (connected to a cart or other rolling platform) so that when engaged, only as much load from the cart is transferred to the driven wheel as is required to overcome the inertia of the load. In some cases, rotating industrial swivel castors on a heavy load require a significant amount of pushing or pulling force, and the POWERMOVER G-Series is engineered to provide it.

The POWERMOVER G-Series (abbreviated series indicator PMG) couples a high torque, sealed, 4-brush motor with an inline, three-stage planetary gearbox. These are inserted into PowerHandling’s patented, “solid-lamination” direct-drive motor mount which is then housed in a heavy-duty steel chassis. Three gearbox choices are available providing torque/speed outputs that can be matched to the requirements of each load moving application (see table below for speed and load capacity options).

The PowerMover G-Series accepts three hitching methods, each with different features and benefits:

CUP & DISK: This hitching system uses a disk on the PMG that can be rotated by hand or tool to raise it higher, engaging with an inverted cup that is mounted to the cart hitch. It is slower to engage / disengage and requires very flat/even flooring, but offers considerable maneuvering capability while also offering braking of the load as well.

DOUBLE PIN: This hitching system uses two tapered pins – one for pushing/turning and the other for pulling/turning. This design offers fast hitching and unhitching and better handles uneven flooring, but has very limited braking capability and requires unhitching and re-hitching when changing travel direction.

PUSHER BRACKET: This hitching system is suited to straight line pushing only and while it does not offer turning or pulling of loads, it does not require a specific bracket to mate with … just a sufficiently strong cross-member on the cart to push against.

High Performance quick-change battery packs

The G-SERIES features a quick-connect “drop-in” design battery pack that houses a high performance NiMH cells in a strong, impact resistant nylon shell. Battery packs can be switched easily between machines and charger, ideal to maintain an uninterrupted operation.