Combi MG (Mobile Gantry)

Combi MG (Mobile Gantry)


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Combi Mobile Gantry are remote controlled multi directional equipment

Combi MG offers much more versatility than a fixed gantries and substantially lower ground pressure than a conventional heavy duty forklifts

These Gantries can be customised to suit the products to be handled

Wind turbine blades , building structural sections ,cuboid loads , steel coils are very ideal products to be handled by the MG

All wheel are steered and comes with six steering functions

Multi-directional facility with carousel mode offers superb manoeuvrability both indoors and out outdoors

The width of the equipment is narrow enough to pass through the 3mtr doorway carrying long loads.

  • The Combi-MG (Mobile Gantry) allows for increased storage with reduced aisle widths of just 5′ (1.5m)
  • Available in V3800 Kubota Diesel engine and LP Gas option
  • Multi-directional, 6 steering options
  • Overall dimensions can be customised to suit the customer’s application
  • Side shift 200″/5080mm. Full side shift from left to right increases storage and flexibility
  • Independent telescopic for maximum lift whilst also capable of passing under low heights
  • Independent lift allows lifting and lowering of coil/load
  • Rotating C-Hook for handling coils in both directions and rotating, manual or automatic option
  • Rated lift capacity from 20t to 80t
  • Telescopic function offers maximum lift
  • Full side shift
  • Rotating C-Hook
  • Diesel /LPG powered
  • Combi -MG gives freedom to move most extreme loads in the tightest spaces